136 PS

Fuel Type


Electric range combined

144 miles (WLTP)


Front wheel



On the road price


Powerful, efficient, sustainable.

The e‑Golf is everything you'd expect from a Volkswagen and more. Exceptional handling, acceleration and grip combined with a supremely quiet drive and an impressive range of 144 miles (WLTP). Why wouldn't you go electric?

e‑Golf makes a buzz

But only in the motoring press. Volkswagen’s new pure electric hatchback has been receiving the sort of reviews you might expect for a Volkswagen.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

The e‑Golf is much simpler to maintain than a petrol or diesel car. There are just three components in the entire drivetrain and far fewer moving parts. Electric servicing is already available at all Volkswagen retailers.

0-80% in 45 mins

That’s how long it takes to charge your new e‑Golf using a rapid charger. And unlike petrol and diesel cars, you don’t have to be there while it fills up, so you can go and do something more interesting instead.

Cleaner getaway

Your new e‑Golf doesn’t produce tailpipe emissions. In fact, it doesn’t even have a tailpipe.


Everything you love about the Golf on the outside. Everything you'll love about the e‑Golf on the inside.

Volkswagen e-Golf


Instantly recognisable

The e‑Golf retains the classic styling of the Golf, with its own electric twist. LED headlights, C-shaped running lights and signature blue flash across the front grille.

Volkswagen e-Golf


Comfortably roomy

The surprisingly spacious interior of the e‑Golf combines style, practicality and comfort with unique touches like the electric blue stitching on the leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Volkswagen e-Golf


Less energy, more power

The e‑Golf's highly efficient LED headlights use far less energy than conventional headlights, with no compromise on brightness.

Volkswagen e-Golf


Aerodynamic alloys

The 16-inch ‘Tileve’ alloy wheels have been specially built to be extra-aerodynamic. The reduced drag means they actually help the car save energy.

Volkswagen e-Golf

Driver assistance

There when you need it

The e‑Golf features the full suite of Volkswagen driver assistance, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, Blind Spot Sensor, Park Assist, Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist to bring the car to a controlled stop if you are unable to.

Volkswagen e-Golf


High-spec tech. Total comfort

The e‑Golf provides for comfort, convenience and style. The cabin is climate controlled and the fully adjustable front seats offer lumber support as standard. Also available in leather.

The e‑Golf's Car Net Mirrorlink system makes your Android and Apple entertainment apps available on your dashboard, while the Active Info Display delivers navigation instructions in the driver's eyeline, directly behind the steering wheel.

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